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The Dears


The Dears is an indie rock band which formed in 1995 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The band consists of Murray Lightburn (vocals, guitar), Natalia Yanchak (vocals, keyboards), Jason Kent (guitar, vocals), Christopher McCarron (guitar), Rob Benvie (bass), Laura Willis (keyboards, vocals) and Yann Geoffroy (drums). Lightburn and Yanchak are the only original members remaining in the band. Without even seeing a performance by The Dears it was easy to recognize the group in Montreal's haunts in the late nineties.

Albums The Dears

16 played on Radionomy

  • No Cities Left

  • Gang Of Losers

  • Money Babies (French version)

  • Missiles

  • You and I Are a Gang of Losers EP

  • Ticket to Immortality

  • Protest - EP

  • Thank You Good Night Sold Out

  • Protest

  • 22: The Death of All the Romance

  • Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique

  • Protest EP

  • Orchestral Pop Noir

  • Nor the Dahlias: The Dears 1995-1998

  • Nor The Dahlias - The Dears 1995-1998

  • End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story