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E-Rotic is a German // group. They are mostly known for their use of sexual topics and innuendo in their music. Originally comprising of Lyane Leigh and American-born Raz-ma-taz (Richard Michael Smith), the group started in 1994 and recorded throughout the rest of the 1990s. However by June 1996, both members of the group had left due to a disagreement between Leigh and producer David Brandes.

Albums E-rotic

21 played on Radionomy

  • A Million Empty Lives

  • Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex 2003

  • Cocktail E-Rotic

  • Thank You for the Music

  • Total Recall

  • The Collection (disc 1)

  • The Collection (disc 2)


  • King Kong

  • Sexual Healing

  • Sex Generation

  • Dancemania Presents E-Rotic Megamix

  • Dancemania Presents: E-Rotic Megamix

  • Missing You

  • Gimme Gimme Gimme

  • Kiss Me

  • Mambo No. Sex

  • Greatest Tits

  • Sexual Madness

  • The Power of Sex

  • Sex Affairs