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1. Slam from Sweden was formed in 1982 by 5 skaters who shared a common music interest, but with none or little band experience. They started as Destroy with their first gig at Paletten S├Ątra, after rehearsing only for some weeks.About a year later their first recording released as a tape in January 1983.They were active playing most local and national gigs. Their records were on their own label and sold by independent distributors all over.

Albums Slam

19 played on Radionomy

  • Heart of the Soul

  • Variance

  • One Note Samba

  • Hot Knives

  • City Destroyer

  • Azure

  • Dreaming About You

  • Demi Kasih Sejati (kau)

  • Siapa?

  • Bright Lights Fading

  • Human

  • Year Zero

  • The Other Side Of Him

  • Alien Radio Remixed

  • Lifetimes

  • Alien Radio

  • Positive Education

  • Headstates

  • Dark Forces