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Papa Roach


Papa Roach is a rock band from Vacaville, California, United States. Formed in 1993, it consists of Jacoby Shaddix (vocals), Jerry Horton (guitar), Tobin Esperance (bass), and Tony Palermo (drums). Tony, previously of Unwritten Law, joined the band after the departure of one of the band's founding members, Dave Buckner (drums), Papa Roach has sold more than 10 million album copies worldwide, and are known for their hits "Last Resort", "Scars", "Forever", and "Lifeline", among others.

Albums Papa Roach

16 played on Radionomy

  • Naked And Fearless – Acoustic EP

  • Lifeline

  • Scars (Acoustic Version)

  • Scars

  • Metamorphosis

  • The Paramour Sessions

  • The Paramour Sessions (International Version)

  • Live and Murderous in Chicago

  • Potatoes for Christmas

  • lovehatetragedy

  • She Loves Me Not

  • Maximum Papa Roach

  • Infest

  • Last Resort

  • Tinley Park

  • Old Friends From Young Years