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There a three artists called Olivier: 1) An electronic/minimal German born DJ who lived in Germany, France and The Netherlands so far. Now living in Melbourne, Australia. 2) Olivier (MiƂosz Olivier Adamczyk) was born in April 15, 1997 in Warsaw, Poland. He is a young and player influenced mainly by Jean-Michel Jarre. 3) A singer/songwriter from Eindhoven, Netherlands.

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Radio Nostalgia

Alleen de beste oldies uit de jaren 50, 60 en 70 Only the best oldies from the fifties, sixties and seventies

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Radio Tijdloos

Nationale en internationale nostalgie 24 uur per dag non-stop bij Radio Tijdloos!

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Studio ANT

Rock&Roll Oldies

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G-Mass Prod Fm

Réunir les jeunes du monde à travers la diversité musicale, la culture génerale et dénicher les futurs talents de la musique. Nul par ailleurs que sur la G-M@ss Prod Fm Radio.

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Vie et Lumiere El Shaddai

1ère Radio Tzigane en Ligne, Communauté des Tziganes de France

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