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E.G.O. a.k.a. Andrea Ponzetto was born in Turin, Italy, on April 1990. At the young age of 14 he started listening to all kind of music, like electronic, house, club, progressive and 80's music. One year later he started his musical career and began to produce his own completely personal kind of music. At 16 he worked on a musical project (named Plastikbox) with a friend but, at the age of 18, Andrea started to work alone and change his art name in E.G.O. The sounds and the vibes chosen and created by E.G.O. in his productions are rare and unique.In his traks he mixes up various elements and sounds of modern influences: electronic, house, progressive house, funky and fidget house. In a world made by standardized genres and ideas E.G.O. finds a particular and original style that is not traceable to the standards of modern music.


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