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ISAN have been on a musical journey ever since a chance meeting brought together Robin Saville and Antony Ryan in 1996. They prefer allowing their music to develop on its own, with their intuitive grasp of sound manipulation dictating the direction. They're not afraid to give their compositions space to breathe, placing as much emphasis on silence as on sound. ISAN channels artists such as Kraftwerk, Neu!, Brian Eno and even the dreamy, smart-pop aesthetic of the Cocteau Twins.

Albums Isan

11 played on Radionomy

  • Digitalis

  • Salamander

  • Lucky Cat

  • Clockwork Menagerie

  • Meet Next Life

  • Salle D'isan

  • Exquisite Honeyed Tart / Hugs Now, No Kisses (Hugo's Sleep Time)

  • Beautronics

  • Parochi / A Gentle Man

  • Dampen

  • Damil 85 / Cubillo