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Vincent Kwok

Vincent Kwok

Raised in Perth, Australia and breaking through as a top house music/electronica producer and DJ in San Francisco, Vincent Kwok is truly a musical citizen of the world. Establishing his behind the boards cred with massively popular remixes for everyone from underground artists Arnold Jarvis, Morrisson, Latrice Bennett and Lisa Shaw to top R&B stars like Pauline Henry of the Chimes ("Heaven"), Kenny Lattimore and Usher ("You Remind Me"), the versatile keyboardist has become a multi-faceted musical force as an artist, producer, label owner (Eight-Fifteen Records) and in demand live DJ. His career presents a unique dichotomy—while his own productions have earned high praise from top DJs Julius Papp, Jay-J and Miguel Migs, Vincent maintains a busy live spinning schedule himself. Renowned for his behind the deck magic at such legendary San Francisco clubs like the End-Up, the DNA Club and The Supper Club, he currently has monthly residencies at Harlot in San Francisco and another Bay Area hotspot, The Cardiff Lounge in Campbell.In 2003, Vincent and DJ MFR (Marco Celone), another top San Francisco based force in house music, began collaborating under the moniker New Mondo. Launching their dual vibe with dark, moody tracks perfect for the 3 a.m. crowd, the two gradually began exploring the funkier side of house on numerous remixes of other artists and their own recordings on well-known labels such as Bluem and Harley & Muscle's Soulstar. In 2006, their track "Sexy" (released by Swank Records) became a best selling single, receiving some serious club play around the U.S. and especially throughout the U.K. and the rest of Europe.Earning accolades and recognition from across the dance spectrum for his trademark smooth mixing style and flawless programming of classy, funky and soulful house, Vincent was invited in 2004 to contribute to Frosted, one in a popular series of the Bargrooves DJ mix CDs released by London based Seamless Recordings. In addition to providing the mix for the entire 12 track double CD collection, he also had the opportunity to showcase two of his own compositions, "Love Is The Answer" and "Love Train," a song he co-wrote with longtime Santana singer and eleven-time Grammy winner Tony Lindsay. Frosted was one of the highest selling releases in the series, reaching #23 on the Billboard Electronic Chart and leading to Vincent's subsequent contributions to the Seamless Recordings radio program on Galaxy Radio in the U.K.His eclectic discography over the past few years has included 2005's West Coast Excursion, Volume 2, a compilation of tracks defining the "West Coast Sound" that has become the highest selling CD ever for Transport Recordings; the New Mondo mix CD Downtown San Francisco (Swank Records, 2007); the EP with vocalist Nina Lares What About You (on Vincent's Eight-Fifteen Records); and is working on his latest release, West Coast Excursion, Volume 4. Vincent cut his teeth as a touring musician in a series of cover bands and original groups while living in Australia. He began listening to early Acid House during this time and was completely immersed in the music of this genre. After moving to San Francisco in the mid-90s, soon became involved in the edgy, hard grooving sounds of the burgeoning dance scene by the Bay. Learning from his experience in other genres the ultimate value of great songwriting, he believes that the key to success is the ability to write memorable melodies in addition to creating explosive beats. "I love the fact that I have the opportunity to connect with people on so many levels in my career," he says. "When I'm making records in the studio, there's this euphoric high that happens when everything comes together and things just click. Then when I'm out DJ'ing, there's this intangible vibe where you feel like you're inviting the crowd on a wild excursion. I love taking them for a ride and hearing their reaction when they're getting into something cool they've never heard before."


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