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There are at least 10 artists with the name V. 1) V was a cooperation between the Dutch artists Valensia and Robby Valentine. Their first album "V" was released in 1999. The songs on the album were influenced by such bands as The Beatles and Queen. The second album "Valentine vs Valensia" was released in 2002. 2) V (aka vq, V_gasm) is an Australian producer and remixer featured on OverClocked Remix. His remix of E Honda's theme entitled "Tokyo Slapdown" is featured on the Street Fighter 2 remix album Blood on the Asphalt. He also has a track on the forthcoming Tales remix album.

Albums V

6 played on Radionomy

  • IT IS FINISHED! The Paradox Vol.1

  • Welcome to Life

  • You Stood Up

  • Hip to Hip / Can You Feel It

  • Hip To Hip/Can You Feel It

  • Blood Sweat and Tears