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Samy Deluxe

Samy Deluxe

Samy Sorge (born 19 December 1977), commonly known as Samy Deluxe, Wickeda MC or Sam Semillia is a German rapper, and hip hop artist from Hamburg.When his Sudanese father left Germany when Samy Deluxe was just two years old, Samy grew up with his mother's family. His half-sister was born shortly after his father left. The family lived in Barmbek for many years, then moved to Eppendorf, a better-off part of Hamburg. His family was able to make this move after a recommendation from a family friend after his mother remarried. He attended the Wolfgang-Borchert-Schule and attained the Realschulabschluss, or certificate of general education similar to a high school diploma or British GCSE . His cites his upbringing in a middle class neighborhood as part of his inspiration. He says he felt out of place, “At (one) point I would stand out in front of my own house and people who lived here before me would ask “can I help you?”. Additionally, he cites American rappers as his inspiration instead of relying on German history. Samy recalls taking up an interest in rap music in 1988.1996-2000: First experiences and Deluxe SoundsystemAt the beginning of his career Samy Deluxe rapped in English. Eventually he also became known for his singing and rapping in German. He founded the duo "No Nonsens" with DJ Dynamite, where he gained his first experience on-stage. The duo had some minor performances at the Hamburg airport. After the duo split up, Samy Deluxe was supported by Jan Eißfeldt (better known as Jan Delay), member of hip-hop group Absolute Beginner (later known as Beginner) and founder of record label Eimsbush Entertainment, to continue his stage performance.In 1997, Samy Deluxe founded Dynamite Deluxe with partners DJ Dynamite and Tropf, and the group produced and released a demo tape on Eimsbush Entertainment. Absolute Beginner featured Samy Deluxe on their 1999 single "Füchse" from their album Bambule (1998). The success of Deluxe Soundsystem by Dynamite Deluxe and the following live performances at the festivals Splash and Flash brought Samy Deluxe into the public eye.2001-2003: Debut album and rise to fameIn 2001, Samy Deluxe released his self tilted debut album, which ranked #2 in the German Album Charts for the 19th calendar week of 2001. The first single from the album, "Hab' gehört...", ranked #26. However, the second single, "Internetional Love", failed to enter the charts. The final single, "Weck mich auf", peaked at #4 in Germany, becoming a national hit and the album's most successful single. Following the success of his solo debut, Samy Deluxe became a highly acclaimed hip hop artist in German rap and internationally.In 2003, Samy Deluxe founded the rap duo ASD with fellow rapper Afrob. They released their debut Wer hätte das gedacht. The lead single from the album, "Sneak Preview", ranked successfully on the German charts. Most of the beats on this album came from American producers, including J Dilla, Diamond D and Waajeed.2004: Verdammtnochma!In August 2004, Samy Deluxe released his second solo album, Verdammtnochma!. The album peaked at number 2 on the German album-charts shortly thereafter and stayed for three weeks in the Top 10. In the same year, he was featured on the German remix of "Dip It Low" by American singer Christina Milian, which was an commercial success.Musical style and InfluencesSamy Deluxe is famous for his flow. Audacious and eloquent, he initially chose an aggressive style, based on imaginative use of metaphors, complex overlapping rhymes and his own melodic flow. For this reason, he is sometimes called the "German Jay-Z". His music stems from his upbringing, current social and political climate and takes inspiration from American rappers instead of German history and culture. He favors constructing constantly changing pictures rather than telling long stories. This has caused some critics to find fault with his lyrical style. Business venturesIn 2006 Samy Deluxe, in collaboration with Reebok, designed a sneaker and a cap with New Era Cap Company. On the cover of his mixtape Deluxe von Kopf bis Fuß, he wore for him designed clothes. In 2007 followed two more sneakers until 2008; as total result four Reeboks sneakers were developed of the Samy Deluxe series. In 2007, Samy Deluxe was in several TV shows, including Christiansen, as a guest and discussed there about the situation of young people and their relationships to the older generation. In addition he created a project with Marvin Willoughby, in which he taught music to children in workshops and Marvin Willoughby children taught basketball to promote the integration of students from different schools and social strata. Furthermore, Samy Deluxe displayed his social commitment by performing at the event, Live Earth in the summer of 2007. In October 2008, he organized a one-week workshop with the young rappers aged 12 to 16 years. At the end of the workshop there was an appearance at the festival for German Unity Day in Hamburg together with Azad, Max Herre and Denyo. [3\] On 24 August 2007 was published a best-of-Feature Mixtape mixed by DJ Mixwell named Living Legend. On 25January 2008, the second album by Dynamite Deluxe with the title TNT published, which debuted at # 5 on the German album charts. On 19 December 2008, appeared the Deluxe Records Label Sampler No.2 under the name Honey, I shrunk the label , it represented were Ali A $, TUA and Samy Deluxe himself, the last three artists of the DLX camps, due to which the name is. 2009 Samy Deluxe released his third studio album, Dis where I Herkomm , which debuted at # 3 on the album charts. Then in the same year appeared his mixtape The Last Dance . In 2010, then also a live version of appeared Dis where I Herkomm . On 16 June 2011 Samy announced on his website his new studio album Black and White in which 29 July was published in 2011. The first single for the album entitled hands high and is in the 16th June 2011 available for download. On 1 August 2011, the first single, rose poetry album, at number 63 of the German Top 100. black and white rose on 8 August 2011 No. 1 on the German album charts. Samy Deluxe is committed to reading and writing skills. As part of the campaign iCHANCE, by the Federal Association of literacy and basic education is carried out, he speaks out against illiteracy and would like to encourage those affected. [4\] [5\] In the September / October 2011 edition of the magazine Juice (No. 138) is the Juice Exclusive EP by Samy Deluxe, called construction Kingskis late night sessions with a total of 10 tracks, included. There are also collaborations with rappers MoTrip, Ali A $ and Megaloh as well as the hundreds of bars sham Frenchman and a freestyle track. In the years 2012 and 2013 Samy Deluxe occurred under the pseudonym Mr concern on and released the album Conspiracy with beautiful melodies, which is characterized by singing and the use of Auto-Tune. Since autumn 2013, he reentered the music industry as a rapper. The fifth, or sixth, if one album under the pseudonym Mr. custody counts, Studio album by Samy Deluxe is the name Male wear and appear in spring 2014. Previously, he published the first of November 2013 the mixtape "pearls before swine." As Featured guests Matteo Capreoli, Afrob, Megaloh, Ali A $ and Brixx are included. As a single of the title track was pearls before swine (feat. Matteo Capreoli) on 25 Published in October 2013, it was followed by the publication of the Tracks Exodus on the release date of the album. It is worth mentioning that the beats by Samy Deluxe son Elijah Malik Russell come. After the album release another mixtape is scheduled during the year 2014.


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