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For over a quarter-century, the band 311 has blended rock, rap, metal, funk, reggae and alternative stylings to help sell more than ten million records worldwide. Their biography includes eleven studio albums, four compilations and a live album. The band took the name "311" from the Omaha, Nebraska police code number for indecent exposure. Original members Nick Hexum, Doug Martinez, Aaron Wills, Jim Watson and Chad Sexton formed the group in 1988 in Omaha, and using Hexum's basement, independently recorded their first album, "Downstairs," in 1989. They would record and release two more self-produced albums before securing a record deal with Capricorn Records in 1992. Their first "official" album was 1993's "Music," with the single, "Do You Right" making a minor splash (#27) on the Billboard charts. A year later, their second album, "Grassroots" marginally charted, but they had developed a devoted and rabid mostly college-oriented fan base, and began to tour extensively across the U.S. The next half-dozen years (1995-2001) proved to be 311's best commercial period with the albums, "311," "Transistor," "Soundsystem" and "From Chaos" all charting, with the 2001 single, "Amber" arguably becoming their "signature" song. It was also during this period that the band made their first nationwide television appearances, as well as becoming an on-again, off-again rotation regular on MTV. Over the ensuing dozen-plus years, 311 has continued to tour regularly while still producing six albums (five studio, one live). In 2000, the band created their own "holiday" on March 11 (referring to the numerical '3-11' date association), and as a tribute to their devoted fans, every other year on March 11, they perform a concert in rotating venues (Memphis, New Orleans, Las Vegas). Four of 311's original lineup remains active within the band, the only exception being Tim Mahoney who replaced Watson in 1991.


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311 - Love Song

Love Song


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Frolic Room


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Sunset In July