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William Sheller


William Sheller, born 1946 in Paris, France, is a french singer, pianist and composer. He's most known for his famous song Un Homme Heureux. His works present various styles from popular and funny songs like Rock'N'Dollars to instrumental orchestration composition like "Lux Aeterna". He started learning music with Yves Margat, a former student of Gabriel Fauré. His first works for popular music started out with Barbara before he began his long solo career.

Albums William Sheller

31 played on Radionomy

  • Avatars (Standard)

  • Triple Best Of

  • William Sheller & Le Quatuor Stevens

  • Olympia 1984

  • Tendres Années

  • Live Au Théâtre Des Champs Elysées

  • Epures

  • Le Nouveau Monde

  • En Solitaire

  • Parade Au Cirque Royal

  • Olympiade

  • Gold

  • Chansons Nobles Et Sentimentales

  • Master Serie

  • Tendres Annees

  • Talents du Siecle

  • Simplement

  • Les machines absurdes

  • Univers

  • Tu devrais chanter

  • Tu Devrais Chanter (disc 1)

  • Tu Devrais Chanter (disc 2)

  • Olympiade (Disc 2)

  • Albion

  • Carnet De Notes

  • Nicolas

  • Symphoman

  • Carnet de notes : Nicolas

  • Sheller en solitaire

  • Ailleurs

  • Master Série