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Atlas were a New Zealand rock band which originally formed in 2005 but disbanded in late 2008.In April 2005, in Hollywood, California, producer Hank Linderman (The Beach Boys, Eagles) introduced NZ rocker Ben Campbell (Zed) and his sister Beth Campbell, to 19 year old American solo artist Sean Cunningham. Introduced mainly for songwriting collaboration, the group decided to form the band Atlas.Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Atlas released their debut album Reasons for Voyaging on 19 November 2007.Atlas released their single "Crawl" at the beginning of 2007, and in the week of 14 March, "Crawl" debuted at #9 before moving up to claim the top spot of the RIANZ Top 40 Singles Chart the next week, where it stayed for 6 weeks. Their next single is "Magic 8".In late 2008 they re-released Is This Real which had some small success and managed to reach the RIANZ Top 40 Singles chart.


Hot tracks

Atlas - Compass Error (Tarrentella:Redanka Dubbed Version)

Compass Error (Tarrentella:Redanka Dubbed Version)