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1) Riva was a pop band from Croatia, then Yugoslavia, in the late 1980s. The group debuted on Zagrebfest 1988. Their song Rock Me won the Eurovision Song Contest 1989 in Switzerland, with a score of 137 points. 2) Guss van Vlaanderen and Horst Pulmann 3) Alias of Ismael Rivas 4) Alias of Zki & Dobri (Gaston Steenkist and Rene ter Horst), DJs from the Netherlands who have produced multiple dance hits under various group names since the early 1990s, and who had a hit named Who Do You Love Now? with singer Dannii Minogue.

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24 hours trancemusic

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De allergrootste hits aller tijden... de allerleukste schlagers... nederlandstalige topmuziek... pop van de bovenste plank... regionaal talent... u hoort het allemaal !!!

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eurofestival radio

Radio on-line con música relacionada con el Festival de Eurovisión. Incluye tres programas semanales, siempre a las 21 horas CET: los lunes "Pasión Eurovisión", los miércoles "Misión Eurovisión" y los jueves "Waterloo". Programación:

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Radio na Dlanu EX-YU Nostalgija

Za Sve ex-yu Nostalgicare. Zlatne godine balkanskog pop-rocka-a.

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