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Voodoo Six

Voodoo Six

2013 was a landmark year for Voodoo Six. Not only the release of the album ‘Songs To Invade Countries To', critical consensus being that they've raised themselves to another level with this release, but they were main support on arguably the tour of the year, the legendary Iron Maiden's ‘Maiden England' European jaunt. 28 shows in 18 countries in arenas, stadiums and festivals, playing to an estimated 300,000 people, including ending the tour at a sold out O2 Arena in their hometown of London.The new album STICT is the follow up to their 2010 album ‘Fluke?', which was released through Classic Rock magazine's Powerage Records and mixed by uber studio engineer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica, Jimmy Page), boasting the talent of brand new vocalist and front man Luke Purdie.‘Songs To Invade Countries To' consists of 11 tracks mixed by Tony Newton & Pedro Ferreira (The Darkness, Enter Shikari, Therapy?) and mastered by Ade Emsley (Iron Maiden, Steve Harris).The album was recorded & mixed at Steve Harris' Barnyard Studio UK and released worldwide on May 27th on Spinefarm/Universal, the same date V6 started their mammoth European trek with Iron Maiden.The album release was preceded by single ‘Sink Or Swim' on March 4, and features remixed versions of three songs from the hugely successful ‘Falling Knives' digital format EP, which reached number 2 in the Amazon chart and was on Planet Rock radio's ‘A' playlist for over 6 weeks.A new single, live favourite 'Your Way' has just been released, with a stunning promo video now viewable on the band's YouTube channel, along with promos for 'Falling Knives' and ‘Sink or Swim'.The Iron Maiden tour came at the perfect time for the band, having just completed what they felt was their strongest album yet.Iron Maiden founder and bassist Steve Harris commented: "I've been keeping an eye on Voodoo Six for a while now and they've produced a cracking new album with real promise. It's great to support true British up and coming talent such as theirs and it'll be a pleasure to have them out with us on tour."Voodoo Six vocalist Luke Purdie added: "This is a huge deal for us and an amazing opportunity to support arguably the most iconic band in metal history. We came up with the album title ‘Songs To Invade Countries To' ages ago since we've been wanting to get our music across to European shores for a long time - but it's been made a reality now that we've been chosen to support Iron Maiden on these dates. It's going to be a very exciting year!"Voodoo Six founding member Tony Newton commented after the tour: "It's been such an amazing experience, the reception each night has been simply overwhelming. Maiden and their crew have treated us so well. This tour has become the best and most exciting time of our lives so far. We were absolutely thrilled to be added to the London show, having been so busy constantly touring all of Europe, it was a great feeling to give the UK a chance to see what we've been up to."The band's plans for 2014 include a comprehensive UK tour, following successful shows this year at London's Garage and Underworld and selected venues around the country, and a major invasion of Europe and beyond to revisit the territories they encountered on the Maiden tour, and some new ones not yet visited. Band Line UpLuke Purdie - VocalsMatt Pearce- GuitarChris Jones - GuitarTony Newton - BassJoe Lazarus - DrumsRecommendations:Falling Knives - Sharp Sand - Sink Or Swim - Lead Me On - All That for STICT"Suddenly everything's come together. There's groove, pace, power, insistent songs and some stunning musicianship. These are outrageously catchy anthems that prove Voodoo Six now have what it takes to be massive."8/10Malcolm Dome, Metal Hammer"Voodoo Six come bearing a hard, dusty-desert-driving dose of crunch'n'rock. Passion and technical proficiency isn't lacking, impressive solos and cool off-beat rhythms kick out in the rugged but rich sound they purvey."Polly Glass, Classic Rock"One of the UK's finest musical products of recent years, Voodoo Six is currently flying high. Class dripping from every note, the band fires a continuous fusillade of great riffs and addictive licks, and Purdie consolidates his claim as one of the UK's very finest hard rock vocal stylists.Expect STICT to be topping those end-of-year best-of polls all over the place. Outstanding."9/10Harry Paterson, Powerplay"This really is an impressive album. I already knew that Voodoo Six are a great live band, so it's nice to see that their albums are just as impressive."5/"British rockers Voodoo Six are back with a bang."7.5/10The Midland Rocks"STICT is completely solid throughout. There's plenty of hard and heavy rocking numbers to thrill and satisfy. Yet it's full of creativity, structure and wonderful melodies. An early contender for one of the albums of the year."9/10Planet Mosh"The record gets right to the point from the off, with catchy vocals, and a few violently beautiful guitar solos, of which we see right throughout the album. It's true to say that not everything that glitters is gold, however it seems that some lucky prospector has found a thick vein of the rich stuff here."8/10Bring The Noise"A killer album, some of the best Hard Rock/Metal that the UK has produced in recent years."Rocktopia"A great rock and roll album which draws heavily on classic influences, whilst still managing to maintain a modern sound which allows it to fit in with the 21st century's rock and metal scene."8/10Nick Webb Reviews"I cannot recommend this album highly enough which I am sure will feature on many peoples Best Of 2013 lists. Superb."Rockgig Reviews"The whole album is a triumph, you will struggle to find a better riff-laden heavy rock offering this year."4/5Get Ready To Rock"Voodoo Six are doing things right. If you don't come away from it gurning with enjoyment then rock is not for you."4/5Fortitude Magazine"Meet your next hard rock heroes. Voodoo Six arrive with the fanfares of their music so high of quality that even die-hard classic hard rock fans won't be disappointed."Rock Britain"Eleven amazing blues influenced rock tracks that just seem to get progressively better throughout."5/5Jukebox:Metal"Not just the spectacle of glitter, a full blown treasure trove guarded by the best rock has to offer, STICT is an album of real grit and steely determination and stamped all over it, the words 18 carat gold."4/5Liverpool Sound and Vision"Their latest album is a melting pot of strong songs that are rooted in classic hard rock, blues and stoner, the fat riffs shred a wig from the skull."7/"There's no fluke to their newfound glory - they deliver modern hard rock with some great melodic twists, and tightness as a unit."7/10Metal Mouth"Paying just enough homage to the godfathers of British rock whilst retaining its own identity, Songs To Invade Countries To is a powerful, inventive and catchy as hell record that's got its sights squarely fixed on your nation; and trust me, it's the soundtrack to your surrender."8/10Daily Dischord"Great album, listen!"8/"The guitars rock, the bass rumbles, drums smash and the vocals are the whiskey soaked cherry. This a true call-to-arms for fans of powerful British heavy rock, an album full of songs that will lead Voodoo Six to a few dictatorships around the world!"9/10Musipedia of Metal"All songs feature a sophisticated and creative songwriting, each note its place, every guitar solo has its place. The percussion drives the song forward and, as the bass, precisely blended to each song."8/10Time For Metal"Effortlessly excellent raw vocals, a hard rock edge and guitar playing to write home about, Voodoo Six have undoubtedly excelled themselves once more."8.5/10RockfreaksRecent Live Reviews"Suddenly they look and sound like a big band. Live the five now have a confidence and attitude that you'd only expect from musicians who belong on arena stages."The Garage, London - Malcolm Dome, Metal Hammer"The band hit the stage full of confidence and for 40 minutes we were treated to a display that will only send the band higher, showing off Voodoo Six's qualities of huge slabbing riffs, thunderous drums and 2 guitarists who are as adept riffing or soloing. It will be interesting to see where the band go from here as they deserve to be huge!!!!"O2 Arena - Rock Gig Reviews"Voodoo Six soon silenced all the doubters when they walked out in front of the Maiden family. They showed the charm and skills that would one day make them headline arenas."O2 Arena - Metalrecusants"The band exploded onto the stage, showing off the depth of songwriting and playing that the band have by the bucketload. Voodoo Six are the future of the British rock scene and I for one can't wait to see what they can produce over the next decade and more."The Underworld, London - Rockgig Reviews"Moreso than the great crowd connection the whole band managed to induce, one of the highlights of the show was in fact the great connection the band had with each other, this band was made for playing live and they enjoy every minute of each show. It is evident that this is just the beginning for Voodoo Six."The Garage, London - Jukebox:Metal


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