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Josh Woodward

Josh Woodward

HistoryWoodward grew up in Van Buren, Ohio, and began playing music at high school in the early 1990s, where he was part of a punk/funk band. After attending college, he worked for Yahoo! in California, and then moved back to Van Buren, Ohio, to start his own company. When Coffee Amici, a coffee bar and performing arts venue in Findlay, opened, Woodward again began to pursue his musical interests. He produced his first album, Here Today in 2004. He also became involved with Song Fight!, entering over fifty competitions and becoming well known on the website. His second album, Crawford Street, was mostly made up of songs he had written for SongFight, and Woodward described it as "a dark sweet tooth". While he sold Crawford Street for $5 at gigs, he gave away the songs for free online. This led to viral advertising, meaning Woodward has fans around the world. In September 2005, Woodward featured on Adam Curry's PodShow, which was broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio. His third album, Only Whispering, was given professional production. More disks were printed, and they were, unlike his previous CDs, made available on Mariah Mercer, writing for The Courier, described the album as "a mash of acoustic guitar, underscored by dark piano and percussion. Occasionally reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel, other times echoing strains of The Barenaked Ladies, even a little John Mayer vibe in the mix, the combination comes together as a not-quite-folk, but far from the pop rock currently dominating the airwaves." Woodward released his fourth and fifth albums, Not Quite Connected and Dirty Wings, simultaneously in 2007, followed by The Simple Life in 2008, Breadcrumbs in 2009, Ashes in 2010, and The Wake in 2012. All of his albums are released under Creative Commons licenses.


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