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Pagan's Mind

Pagan's Mind

BiographyFounded in 2000 from the band Silverspoon by Nils K. Rue, Thorstein Aaby, and Stian Kristoffersen. Pagan's Mind released their first album, Infinity Divine, that same year. The following album, Celestial Entrance, was released in 2002 and was a relatively big success even outside of Norway. A re-recorded version of Infinity Divine was released in 2004. Their third album, Enigmatic : Calling, was released in 2005 and debuted at number 15 on the Norwegian album charts. Their most recent album, Heavenly Ecstasy, was released in 2011.In February 2008, power metal band Power Quest announced that Pagan's Mind guitarist Jørn Viggo Lofstad will be providing guest instrumentation for the upcoming album Master of Illusion.In 2008, Pagan's Mind toured with Sonata Arctica on their Unia tour.In 2009, Pagan's Mind played ProgPower USA.On March 2, 2011, Pagan's Mind announced Heavenly Ecstasy as the title of their forthcoming album. The band also released a new song called "Intermission" as a premiere for the online radio show "The Metal Madman". The album was released on SPV/Steamhammer on May 20 in Germany, May 23 in other parts of Europe and in June in USA/Canada.InfluencesTheir music is influenced by Stargate, especially the theatrical film. In an interview, frontman Nils K. Rue said: "I wouldn't say I like the TV series Stargate, because I never saw an entire episode of that. But I really like the film Stargate. Of course, I took some inspiration from that..."


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