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Les Innocents

Les Innocents

BiographyThe band was founded in 1982 in Lille and had their first success with the single "Jodie" (1987), and their first album Cent Mètres au Paradis (1989). In 1992 they produced their album Fous à lier, which became their first major success. The next album, Post Partum, confirmed their talent and popularity, and took them to the peak of their fame. "Colore" was one of the most aired singles of 1996. The name is a tribute to the English group The Clash, who gave "anonymous" concerts under that name.Les Innocents separated in 2000, in part because of lukewarm reception to their latest album, as well as some internal musical differences. JP Nataf continues a solo career.In 2003, they released a best of.Jean-Philippe Nataf and Jean-Christophe Urbain are close friends of the singer Jil Caplan, with whom they have worked.


Hot tracks

Véronique Sanson - Comme Je L'imagine

Comme Je L'imagine


Les Innocents - L'autre Finistère

L'autre Finistère


Les Innocents - Un Homme Extraordinaire

Un Homme Extraordinaire


Les Innocents - Un monde parfait

Un monde parfait


Les Innocents - Les Philharmonies Martiennes

Les Philharmonies Martiennes