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Nino Ferrer


Nino Ferrer (born Nino Agostino Arturo Maria Ferrari in Genua, Italy, August 15, 1934. Died in Quercy Blanc, Saint-Cyprien Lot, Montcuq, August 13, 1998) was a famous French - Italian singer, actor and jazz musician. From prehistory to jazz The son of bourgeois parents, an Italian father and a French mother, Nino declared having had a pleasant childhood in a cultivated art-loving family. He spent the first five years of his life in New Caledonia where his father, an engineer, worked in a nickel mine.

Albums Nino Ferrer

25 played on Radionomy

  • La pelle nera

  • Nino Ferrer

  • Mamadou Meme

  • Concert Chez Harry

  • Le Téléfon

  • Concert Chez Harry Vol 10

  • Metronomie-Veritables Varietes Verdatres

  • Métronomie-Véritables Variétés Verdâtres

  • "On Dirait Le Sud"

  • Les 50 Plus Belles Chansons

  • La Desabusion

  • Rock'n'Roll Cow-Boy - 13Eme Album

  • La Carmencita-Ex Libris

  • Nino Ferrer And Leggs-Blanat

  • La Desabusion-Nino Ferrer Et Cie

  • Sacré Nino

  • Nino And Radiah Et Le Sud-Suite En Oeuf

  • Satanée Mirza

  • L'indispensable (disc 2)

  • Tendres Annees 60

  • Tendres Années

  • L' Indispensable

  • Metronomie: Veritables Varietes Verdatre

  • Je Veux Etre Noir

  • L'Indispensable