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This is either: 1) An incorrect tag for M.I.A., the British hip-hop, dancehall artist. Please fix your tags. or an alias of: 2) Raphael Merriweathers began his professional music career at the age of 16. Already a skilled young drummer, he began performing with Top 40 bands and spent ten years splitting his time between touring and working studio sessions. It was during his time as a studio drummer that Raphael discovered electronic drum programming. Finally being fed up with Top 40 gigs, Raphael joined Underground Resistance in 1998.

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Equinox (abarcelone) est la radio des 60 000 français de Barcelone

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Trench Radio

No poseurs.No mainstream "punk".No alternative.No new bands. Only the best of original Punk,Hardcore & Oi!- GBH,Discharge,Adolescents,Fear,Suicidal Tendencies,Descendents,TSOL,Wasted Youth,Youth Brigade,etc,etc,etc. All the good stuff we grew up with. Visit us at:

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Sep Radio

rock-pop-electro- intdustrial-indie-hits-clasicos

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Radio spécialisée R&B ancien musique et nouveau. La programmation inclue prés de 200 titres avec une mise à jour régulière de la programmation. Des live spéciales vous sont proposées, la playlist IG Lounge, spéciale RnB Slow Jam pour terminer la semaine tranquille ! Posey!!!!!!!!

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Trap Fm

Trap Radio : The best radio! Listen house, dub, trap, rock, rap , reggae.

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La meilleur radio de Los Santos de TrapMusic! -

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Come on.

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