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Yves Duteil


Yves Duteil is a french singer and songwriter. He was born in Paris, in July 24, 1949 and is the third child to be born in the family. In 1972, Yves Duteil had first minor hit with a song called "Virages" (English: "Turns"). Included on his 1974 debut album L'Écritoire, it shares fame with such songs as the title track and from his next album, "J'attends" (1976), "Tisserand", "Les Batignolles" (an area of Paris), etc.

Albums Yves Duteil

15 played on Radionomy

  • Un Chemin de Chansons

  • (fr)agiles

  • Par coeur

  • L'écritoire

  • Touché

  • En Public

  • Pour les enfants

  • Entre elles et moi...

  • Ligne de vie

  • Ton Absence

  • La Langue De Chez Nous

  • La Statue d'Ivoire

  • J'ai la Guitare Qui Me Démange

  • Tarentelle

  • J'Attends