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Sido is the stage name of the Berlin rapper Paul W├╝rdig (born November 30th, 1980), one of the most successful artists of the German record label Aggro Berlin. Sido distinguishes himself through uncomfortable, provocative, aggressive lyrics. He often wears a silver mask. The name is an abbreviation that is spelled as "super-intelligentes Drogenopfer" = "super intelligent drug victim". However this is the new interpretation while originally the name did spell as "Scheisse in Dein Ohr" = "shit (goes) into your ears".

Albums Sido

17 played on Radionomy

  • Geburtstag

  • Aggro Berlin

  • Hey Du

  • Nein!

  • Ich & meine Maske - Trilogy

  • Ich & meine Maske - Trilogy (Digital Version)

  • Weihnachtssong

  • Herz

  • Carmen

  • Ich & meine Maske (Bonus Album)

  • Ich & meine Maske

  • Augen auf / Halt dein Maul

  • Wahlkampf

  • Ich

  • Fuffies im Club

  • Maske

  • Mein Block