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Power, energy, intensity. Ever since the beginning, in 2001, Shadowside could be defined by their attitude and passion for Rock and Metal music, bringing together catchy Hard Rock melodies and a current sound, with heavy guitar riffs, solid musicianship and one of the most powerful yet melodic female vocals ever heard. Combined with that, are the distinct backgrounds of the four band members. Coming from a musical past of Punk Rock, Thrash and Glam Metal and having very unique personalities, they discovered two points in common between them all when they first got together: the love for making music and courage to take risks and pursue goals and dreams.The band started activities in the sunny beach of Santos, Brazil, with the release of an independent EP, which surprised both media and fans, building a strong and loyal fan base night after night with an intense stage act. Such buzz secured them support slots for bands such as Nightwish, Primal Fear and Shaman in the first year of Shadowside's career.The buzz generated about the band created very high expectations for their debut full length Theatre of Shadows. Considered one of the best albums ever released in the Brazilian Metal scene, that CD proved their initial success was not mere luck but was based instead on hard work and constant improvement. Selling over 2.000 copies in Brazil only, even before hitting the road, they were the obvious choice to support Helloween in their Brazilian tour in 2006. During that year, Shadowside was awarded best band, album, lead singer and national show by several media professionals such as Airton Diniz, Editor in Chief of Roadie Crew Magazine. They were also featured on radio playlists worldwide. However it was in 2007 that Shadowside really went international.In July in that year, they won the "AirPlay Direct All Things Digital Hard Rock / Heavy Metal", chosen between over 1,000 bands worldwide. With the exposition received from the contest they signed to the North American label Chavis Records (Britny Fox, Quiet Riot) for the worldwide re-release of the debut album.They hype generated on MySpace and their performance at Indianapolis Metal Fest in September 2007 created a big demand for a full US tour, which happened in December last year and included live appearances in Las Vegas, broadcasted live on the internet. That only helped them grow their American fan base even bigger and they are now confirmed on three of the most important Metal festivals in America: the second edition of Indianapolis Metal Fest, Flight of the Valkyries and Rocklahoma, one of the biggest Rock / Metal events worldwide. With tickets sold in all American states, every province in Canada and other 32 countries, the expected crowd this year is over 60,000 people.As many predicted, Shadowside are now living the dream and new material was recorded, produced and mixed by Dave Schiffman, who is known for working with artists such as Audioslave, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Six Feet Under and several others. All the 11 tracks on this record show a band that are not afraid to try and grow even more mature after every single release, despite the young age of the band members.As the album is mastered by Howie Weinberg, who was responsible for many gold and platinum selling albums worldwide and was involved with bands as Aerosmith, Rammstein, Pantera, Rush, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Nirvana and many others, they are ready to hit the road one more time and tour nonstop. Being one of the rising stars of the Brazilian Metal and Rock music scenes, Shadowside's new album title reflects what they always knew they should do: Dare to Dream.


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