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Ottmar Liebert

Ottmar Liebert (born February 1, 1959) is a German-born guitarist, songwriter, and producer best known for his Spanish-influenced music.
A five-time Grammy Award nominee, Liebert has received 38 Gold and Platinum certifications in the United States, as well as certifications in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
His debut album Nouveau Flamenco (1990) sold double-platinum in the United States.Other Compilation AppearancesGuitar Music For Small Rooms (1997) (WEA)Gypsy Passion: New Flamenco (1997) (Narada)Obsession: New Flamenco Romance (1999) (Narada)Gypsy Fire (2000) (Narada)Guitar Music For Small Rooms 2 (2001) (WEA)Gypsy Spice: Best of New Flamenco (2009) (Baja Records)The World Of The Spanish Guitar Vol.
1 (2011) (Higher Octave Music)


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