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Nox Arcana


The band's name Nox Arcana is derived from two Latin words, which roughly translate to "mysteries of the night" (or, better, "Magic of the night"). It is a great interest in ancient lore, gothic literature and classic horror that unites these two composers, Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski, in their neverending quest into shadowy and dangerous realms.      Nox Arcana's haunting Gothic soundtracks are often used in independent films, in theme parks during Halloween, and for role-playing games.

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Every Halloween we make you scream! Halloween spooky haunted music.

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Bandas Sonoras - Soundtracks, Ambiental - Ambient, Neoclásica - Neoclassical, Experimental, World Music, Jazz y Blues.

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LaserStar Instrumental Radio

all instrumental Music know

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D-Gótico Radio.

D-Gótico Radio,la emisora de tu tienda gótica online.

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Chaos Destiny Radio

Welcome to Chaos Destiny Radio! The radio station built around the unique experience that can only be found within the alternate eFed known as Chaos Destiny!

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