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Paul Rodgers


Paul Rodgers (known as "The Voice") was the vocalist for British bands Free, The Firm and Bad Company. He more recently stood in on vocals on a tour with Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen as a new collaboration titled Queen + Paul Rodgers. On this tour, Paul stressed that he was not trying to replace the band's deceased singer Freddie Mercury, but tried his best to give his own style to the songs.

Albums Paul Rodgers

12 played on Radionomy

  • Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute To Muddy Waters

  • Live In Glasgow

  • Can't Get Enough

  • Alright Now

  • Rock and Roll Fantasy

  • Now & Live CD 1: Now

  • Electric

  • Now & Live CD 2: Live (The Loreley Tapes…)

  • Now & Live (disc 1: Now)

  • Now & Live (disc 2: Live)

  • The History

  • Cut Loose