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Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown (born Arthur Wilton Brown on 24 June 1942) is an English rock musician best known for his flamboyant, theatrical style, wide ranging operatic vocal style and significant influence on Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Marilyn Manson, George Clinton, Kiss, King Diamond, and Bruce Dickinson, among others, and for his number one hit in the UK Singles Chart and Canada, "Fire" in 1968.Studio albums1968 – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown)1971 – Galactic Zoo Dossier (by Kingdom Come)1972 – Kingdom Come (by Kingdom Come)1973 – Journey (by Kingdom Come)1975 – Dance1977 – Chisholm in My Bosom1979 – Faster Than the Speed of Light (with Vincent Crane)1981 – Speak No Tech (re-released by Craig Leon in 1984 as The Complete Tapes of Atoya)1982 – Requiem1988 – Brown, Black & Blue (with Jimmy Carl Black)1989 – Strangelands (recorded in 1969) (by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown)2000 – Tantric Lover (by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown)2003 – Vampire Suite (by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown)2007 – The Voice of Love2012 – The Magic Hat (with Rick Patten; limited edition of 200; an accompanying comic of The Magic Hat by Matt Howarth is also available)2013 – Zim Zam ZimLive albums1993 – Order From Chaos (by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown)1994 – Jam (recorded in 1970) (by Kingdom Come)2002 – The Legboot Album - Arthur Brown on Tour2011 – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown Live at High Voltage (vinyl only release, limited edition of 1000)Compilation albums1976 – Lost Ears (by Kingdom Come)2003 – Fire - The Story of Arthur BrownSoundtrack contribution1966 – The Game Is Over (two songs)Other contributions1965 - You'll Be Mine / You Don't Know Reading University Rag Record w. The Diamonds1976 – Tales of Mystery and Imagination (the Alan Parsons Project)1979 – Dune (Klaus Schulze)1979 – Time Actor (Richard Wahnfried)1980 – Klaus Schulze Live (Klaus Schulze)1998 – The Chemical Wedding (Bruce Dickinson)2000 – Curly's Airships (Judge Smith)2007 – Fifteen Years After (All Living Fear)2013 – Friends For A Livetime (The Hamburg Blues Band)


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