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BiographyCutler adopted the Lone alias after the dissolution of his previous band, the electronic duo Kids in Tracksuits, in which Cutler performed with Andy Hemsley. His debut release as Lone came in 2007 with Everything is Changing Colour CD-R, followed by another full-length album Lemurian in 2008 on the Dealmaker label. Ecstasy and Friends appeared on the Werk Discs label in 2009. While these releases combined abstract hip-hop beats with electronic textures, Cutler moved towards a more dance-orientated sound with Emerald Fantasy Tracks (2010) and Galaxy Garden (2012). He also has released five EPs titled Cluster Dreams, Joyreel/Sunset Teens, Pineapple Crush/Angel Brain, Once In a While/Raptured and Echolocations EP, released in 2009, 2010 and 2011, respectively.Lone has been quoted as saying that the greatest influences on his music are artists such as Boards of Canada and Madlib. He also says that fellow British musician Keaver and Brause and Bibio have had an effect on the way he makes his music.Cutler also plays in the side-project Kona Triangle when not working on Lone.In 2012, Azealia Banks used his song "Pineapple Crush" for one of the tracks on her debut EP, 1991, called "Liquorice." Banks also used his song "Koran Angel" as an interlude on her mixtape Fantasea. Banks also used his song "Aquamarine" for her track "Count Contessa".


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