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The Charlatans


There are two bands with the name The Charlatans. 1960s: A US psychedelic rock band from San Francisco. 1990s-present: A UK indie rock band formed in Birmingham and based in Northwich, Cheshire. - - - - - The Charlatans (known as Charlatans UK in the USA to avoid confusion with the 1960's group of the same name) were originally formed in Birmingham, England by bassist Martin Blunt, who recruited fellow West Midlanders; Rob Collins (keyboards), Jon Brookes (drums), John Baker (also known as Day) (guitar) plus vocalist Baz Ketley.

Albums The Charlatans

36 played on Radionomy

  • Forever. The Singles

  • Simpatico

  • The Best Of The BBC Sessions 1999 - 2006 (BBC Version 2CD Set)

  • You Cross My Path

  • Collection

  • Us And Us Only

  • You're So Pretty, We're So Pretty - Lo Fi Allstars Mix

  • You're So Pretty, We're So Pretty

  • Blackened Blue Eyes

  • Try Again Today

  • Up At The Lake

  • Wonderland

  • Live It Like You Love It

  • Songs from the Other Side

  • Love Is the Key

  • My Beautiful Friend

  • Forever

  • Between 10th and 11th

  • Melting Pot

  • Tellin' Stories

  • How High

  • One to Another

  • The Charlatans

  • Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over

  • Crashin' In

  • The Charlatans UK v. The Chemical Brothers

  • Up to Our Hips

  • Can't Get Out Of Bed

  • Weirdo

  • Me. In Time

  • Over Rising

  • Some Friendly

  • Then

  • Indian Rope

  • The Only One I Know

  • North Country Boy