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Elba Ramalho

Elba Ramalho

Elba Ramalho, (born on August 17, 1951 in Conceição, Paraíba) is a Brazilian songwriter, performer, poet and actress. She is sometimes called "The Queen of Forró".In addition to her successful solo career, Elba has collaborated with a number of well-established Brazilian acts, including Alceu Valença and her first cousin Zé Ramalho.


Hot tracks

Elba Ramalho - De Volta Pro Aconchego

De Volta Pro Aconchego


Elba Ramalho - Do Jeito Que A Genta Gosta

Do Jeito Que A Genta Gosta


Elba Ramalho - Odilé Odilá

Odilé Odilá