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Plastic Tree

Plastic Tree

BiographyPlastic Tree, also known as PuraTuri (?????) or Pura (??) to fans, was formed in December 1993 originally under the name of CAM-FLAGE. The band was renamed to NTT FUCKS then later decided on Plastic Tree, aiming for "something abstract and natural at the same time", as Ryutaro puts it. In 1995, they released their first mini-album Kimyou na Kajitsu: Strange Fruits after changing drummers twice. Two years later, they released their first single, "Wareta Mado", with Warner Music Japan, their first release on a major label.Plastic Tree made their first overseas tour in 2006, named the Chandelier Tour, and performed concerts in France, Germany and Finland.On February 23, 2009, Hiroshi Sasabuchi announced his resignation as the band's drummer after having been with the band for seven years. On July 3, 2009, Kenken Sato was announced as the band's new drummer. Since forming, the band has had four drummers.Sound and styleEarly in their career, their music had heavy visual kei influences. As time went on, their sound seemed to change and evolve with every album. Plastic Tree combine alternative rock with art rock, electronic, and heavy metal. Their sound is a blend of raw melody, with the occasional orchestral backing track. However, the band does not think that they should be placed into any specific genre. Plastic Tree claim that their sound has been considerably influenced by British bands such as Radiohead and The Cure.The most easily recognizable signature of Plastic Tree's music is the melodic, childlike voice of Ryutaro Arimura. Their sound is also aided by Arimura's abstract lyrics. All four band members collaborate to write songs and lyrics, with Arimura writing most of the lyrics.


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