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Mina Tindle

Mina Tindle

Mina Tindle (born 1983) is a French folk and new wave singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She previously released her debut EP with Sauvage Records "Review: Mina Tindle" "", and in March 2012 released her debut album Taranta on Believe Recordings "Believe Recordings UK" "Mina Tindle, 'Taranta'" "The Independent""Mina Tindle".Mina Tindle, was born in Paris, France and has family that reside in Spain "biography" She lived in Brooklyn where she played with the band The Limes before returning to Paris to pursue her career as a solo artist.


Hot tracks

Mina Tindle - To Carry Many Small Things

To Carry Many Small Things


Mina Tindle - Too Loud (Skydancers Remix)

Too Loud (Skydancers Remix)