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L'Affaire Louis Trio

L'Affaire Louis' Trio (L'ALT for short) were an art pop band from Lyon, France.
The band formed in 1982, and in 1986 were signed to Barclay records, France, who released their first album, 'Chic Planète'.
The members were: singer / bassist Cleet Boris (aka Hubert Mounier), guitarist Karl Niagara (aka Vincent Mounier, Hubert's younger brother) and keyboardist / drummer Bronco Junior (aka François Lebleu, who died in December 2008).
In 1987, L'Affaire Louis' Trio were awarded the prize for best newcomers at France's prestigious 'Victoires de la Musique' ceremony.The trio stayed together until 1997, when Vincent Mounier left during the recording of their 1997 release, 'Europium'.
Since then, the band was dissolved, but Hubert Mounier recorded with drummer Lebleu on his first two solo releases, 'Le Grand Huit' (2001) and 'Voyager Léger' (2005).
He has also worked extensively as a comic book artist under his Cleet Boris pseudonym.StyleThe band's sound was defined by large scale, jazz-influenced arrangements from the likes of big band veteran Christian Fradin and singer-songwriter Benjamin Biolay.
Their initial recordings relied heavily on contributions from some of France's top jazz musicians, however, the band's sound was continually refined over the years, with Europium (1997), their last album, offering their most stripped down, guitar-centric arrangements.LyricsHubert Mounier's lyrics are often witty, containing a large amount of wordplay and puns.
His most lyrically ambitious project was L'Affaire Louis' Trio's fourth album, Mobilis in Mobile (1993) a concept album based on the character of Captain Nemo, from Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues under the SeaCollaborationsL'ALT worked with notable musicians and filmmakers, including XTC bassist Colin Moulding on 'L'Homme aux Mille Vies' (1995) and Michel Gondry on the video for 'Il y a Ceux' (1989)


Hot tracks

Chic Planète


Tout Mais Pas Ça


Bois Ton Café


La Ballade


Histoires De Fous


Un Jouet Qui Nous Plaît


Succès De Larmes


Paradis D'amour


Il Y A Ceux






Bob Et Linda


Adieux À L'amour