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Laura Pausini


Laura Pausini is a five-time Grammy Award winning Italian singer, songwriter, and producer. She is the most famous and successful Italian artist worldwide. Pausini is famed for her soulful voice and her romantic ballads and love songs, although she has also dealt with other subjects such as poverty, war, and racism, among other social issues. She is fluent in several languages and has recorded in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French. She has sold over 40 million album copies around the world. Read more about Laura Pausini on

Albums Laura Pausini

16 played on Radionomy

  • San Siro 2007

  • San Siro 2007 [Deluxe Album][with booklet]

  • Destinazione paradiso - Y mi banda toca el rock - EP

  • Io canto

  • Escucha

  • Laura Pausini

  • Resta in ascolto

  • From the Inside

  • The Best of Laura Pausini

  • E ritorno da te

  • Tra te e il mare

  • Mi Respuesta

  • La mia risposta

  • Las Cosas Que Vives

  • Le cose che vivi

  • Laura