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Royal Gigolos

Royal Gigolos

BackgroundBoth Tyson and Kosmonova were already working on single projects in the early 2000s when they decided to launch an act. At the time both DJs were already widely known in France and Germany. A rumour states that in 2002 Tyson visited Italy and gave several performances alongside Benny Benassi, who taught him the side-chaining technique for producing his bass. Tyson then listened to some of Kosmonova's basses and proposed to him to incorporate the technique. Thus was born the sound for California Dreamin's remix.


Hot tracks

Royal Gigolos - California Dreamin'

California Dreamin'


Royal Gigolos - California Dreamin'

California Dreamin'


Royal Gigolos - No Milk Today

No Milk Today


Royal Gigolos - Self Control

Self Control