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Deriving from the warped mind of Joey Hohgrefe, the band was created as a solo studio project to reach out to different genres of music. Knowing that he can't do it alone, the idea was further expanded to accommodate for the enormous amount of talent in the surrounding areas. In order to achieve this goal, Elements was created to feature other musicians, singers, and songwriters outside of the band with one purpose in mind! To bring you an eargasm, regardless of genres!While the featured artists have their purpose, Elements has quite a different meaning in mind! To send a message of the missing element to the primary 4... Earth, Fire, Air, and Water are the most commonly known and basic for which lay the ground work for the missing link. This "5th" element is indeed shrouded in complexity, but remains ever so vigilant. The missing element is the "Human" element! For it takes all 4 of the primary elements to understand the "Human" element!


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