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Sometimes from bad luck or circumstance, amazing opportunities and transformations can arise. This is much the case for Maurice, a man, and a band, born and raised in Victoria BC Canada. From a major label signing, lofty expectations, and working closely with producer David Foster in Hollywood, to tumult and shattered dreams, out of a mishandled career path and naivety, Jean-Paul Maurice was able to pick up the pieces of a misdirected career path and take his music and art into his own hands.Jean-Paul Maurice grew up as a MuchMusic kid, highly influenced by visions of rock stars and melodic love songs. A turkey baster was his first pretend microphone. Family photographs show him holding a plastic guitar while wearing a pink bandana and his sister's heart shaped sunglasses, professing at the age of 2 he wanted to be a rock star when he grew up.In the fall of 2011, Maurice will release his second full length album, Songs In Sea. It showcases the monumental transformation of a sound. The album reflects and surmises the metaphoric irony which stands as a symbol for these recordings. The fluidity of the ocean and how it is always changing - the fluidity of music and how it is always evolving, the different emotions and stirring of life that emanates from the sea.This album was born from very different circumstances then its David Foster-steered predecessor. Although the music still possesses the innate pop sensibilities that are Maurice's calling card, It is entirely independently made and self produced, having been recorded in a cabin, a bedroom and a basement, a huge step away from high end studios of Hollywood, the result of which was Maurice's debut release Young People with Faces, produced by Matt Hyde and David Foster, released in the spring of 2010.This summer, Maurice was chosen to compete in Music BC's Peak Performance as one of the top 20 finalists vying for the $100,500 grand prize. Embarking upon another new chapter... this is Maurice.


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