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Thomas Fersen

Thomas Fersen

Thomas Fersen (born 4 January 1963 in Paris) is a French singer-songwriter.During his childhood, he was part of a punk group before playing the piano in café-theatres. He released his first album in 1993; it gave him immediate name recognition.Fersen is an accomplished poet who regularly plays with language, using puns, rich rhymes, symbols and images taken from the realms of plants (vegetables and fruits) and animals (birds and various beasts) to tell stories or original fables, to recreate moments from daily life, impressions and sentiments, and also the dreams of ordinary people and their failings and faults. His deep and gravelly smoker's voice gives a particular tone to his songs, which belong to different musical styles depending on the album (rock, folk-rock or jazz and blues).The stage name "Thomas Fersen" comes from the names of Thomas Boyd, a Scottish footballer, and Hans-Axel de Fersen, Marie-Antoinette's Swedish lover.He was one of the first singers to join the label Tôt ou tard.


Hot tracks

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Diane De Poitiers


Thomas Fersen - Deux Pieds

Deux Pieds


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Thomas Fersen - Le Chat Botté

Le Chat Botté


Thomas Fersen - Les Cravates

Les Cravates


Thomas Fersen - Né Dans Une Rose

Né Dans Une Rose


Thomas Fersen - Le Bal Des Oiseaux

Le Bal Des Oiseaux


Thomas Fersen,Michel Picoli,... - Fais Vite Un Voeu

Fais Vite Un Voeu


Thomas Fersen,Michel Picoli,... - Retrouvailles (Tradition Serbe)

Retrouvailles (Tradition Serbe)


Thomas Fersen,Michel Picoli,... - Quelque Part Dans L'univers

Quelque Part Dans L'univers


Thomas Fersen - Au café de la paix

Au café de la paix