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Celso Fonseca


Instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer, Celso Fonseca was born in Rio de Janeiro and start to play its first chords when he was quite young, on an acoustic guitar borrowed from his uncle. He openly confesses that it was Baden Powell’s music that led him to play. At age 11 he already played his own guitar, which was a present from his father. At age 19 after quit the journalist classes at the university, he decided to study music seriously and from then on it was a short step for him to take up the guitarrist carrer and join Gilberto Gil’s band.

Albums Celso Fonseca

8 played on Radionomy

  • Celso Fonseca Ao Vivo

  • Sorte

  • Queda


  • Feriado

  • Natural

  • Rive Gauche Rio

  • The Leblon Sessions