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Stormlord is a blackened epic metal (or epic black metal) band from Italy, created in 1991. The group uses keyboards and orchestrations to give their songs an epic, melodic atmosphere. This, combined with long and powerful guitar riffs, various vocal styles (harsh, opera and growled), extremely fast and aggressive drums, gives their songs a feeling of both peace and power. Stormlord are: -Christiano Borchi (vocals since the beginning - 1991 - and bass '91 - '96)

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Chitown 303

Chi-Town 303 Radio is now VRDO - Your Variety Station. The format is the same, only added live DJs. Please go to the official site for schedule

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Esta emisora ha sido creada para la difusión de información sobre eventos en la capital de nuestro país, tanto de toques o festivales de bandas nacionales como conciertos de grandes bandas de talla internacional, enfocándonos a los géneros de rock y metal. También tienen cabida eventos culturales

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D-Gótico Radio.

D-Gótico Radio,la emisora de tu tienda gótica online.

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