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There are, at least, five artists with this name (none to be confused with Mexican rock band, Zoé). 1) An alias of Zoë Pollock (b. in Peckham, London, UK - aka Zoë, Zoé, Hepzibah Broom & Pollack), is a pop / rock / folk singer who began her career in the mid-80s, dated Martin Glover (aka Youth, who produced her early work), released three solo albums (two as Zoë, another as Hepzibah Broom) & several singles. She is now a member of Mama.

Albums Zoe

13 played on Radionomy

  • Zoé

  • Dirty Little Sister

  • Reptilectric Revisitado

  • AOL Dejando Huellas EP

  • Reptilectric

  • 281107

  • Make it Burning

  • The Room

  • Memo Rex Commander Y El Corazón Atómico De La Vía Láctea

  • Rock Steady

  • Zoeciety

  • Night Grooves

  • Long Time