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We begin our story in 1989, when the talented actress and producer Julissa mounted staging "Grease". To be part of the cast we did casting stage performance, dancing and singing. All of us, Mariana Ochoa, Ari Borovoy, Oscar Schwebel and Erika Zaba, then had between 6 and 12 years; also our fellow M'Balia, Daniel Vazquez, Anna Borras, Luis García, Rodrigo Martínez Álvarez and Ariadne. We all who make up the group of children who eventually starred in this play.Thanks to success on stage, the same year it was decided to launch a new children's musical group called "Vaselines"; it should be remembered that there was a gap in this genre at the time after the gap left by Timbiriche. It was April 30 when we debuted on "Siempre en Domingo" where we sponsored Don Raúl Velasco."Vaselines" was the title of our first material released in 1990, which recorded sales of over 250,000 copies; him the hits "I want to go on vacation" came off, "How sad is the first goodbye" and "What a blowout," among other songs that we remember fondly. That end of the year released a Christmas Maxi-Single entitled "Suzie has a mouse", which reached the platinum for high sales.It was in 1991 when Anna Borras leaves the group and instead enters Lidia Avila, exactly when we presented "Vaselines 2" album that had the same success as the previous; remind him safe "Calendar of love" or "Rock is king." That year we traveled to Spain for the first time, achieving a success that we were not expecting. In 1992 we were invited to represent our country at the Expo Sevilla 92, where artists such as Mana and Luis Miguel is also presented. He had never been a Mexican band to shake both the Basque country.Tenerife, Canary Islands, was one of the most spectacular settings in which we sing, we filled butt as she had done weeks before Michael Jackson in the same place; when we found that the numbers of fans were to see us, the emotion becomes our memory. Following the huge phenomenon that caused the uproar group in Spain, local fans began to publish a magazine circulation biweekly group speaking exclusively. During this period a biographical book published in this country is also launched.Thanks to sales success obtained in Mexico and Spain we received four gold records, and Triple Platinum, which gave us Hugo Sanchez (top figure soccer Spain at the time). In the same year Daniel walks away and instead enters Gonzalo; we were releasing our third album "Sweets for you" with the hits "You will be my Baby", "The people love eating" and "Mexico to dance," among others.Comes our fourth album in 1993 "The Rock Band", an album with band music, leaving behind the Rock & Roll; It is then when removed from Gonzalo and Rodrigo Ariatna group, replacing Liliana, Jair, Alejandro Sirvent, Kalimba and Barbara.Initially the group was not convinced band make the album, especially since it was not a genre in which any child group had ventured before. Benny Ibarra took over the musical montage and devote many hours of hard work and commitment to achieve the complex choreography where we had to dance "ravine" and use a completely different costume than we played. As a result we share the stage with and recognized genre artists such as Heavy, Tigres Del Norte, Ana Barbara and Los Temerarios, among others. We were the only group having been born as pop performers, were also invited to gruperos festivals, earning awards in both genders. We managed to sell over 300 thousand copies and position with this genre in Spain and Mexico with hits like "Put on boots, take off tennis", "We pray Lord" and "Heartbreaker" in addition to the popular "Thomas" and "The Pachangon". What memories !.We reached adolescence and is in 1995 when we launched our first youth production pop "Today" only seven members: Ari, Mariana, Lidia, Oscar, Erika, M'Balia and the return of Daniel, as well as a shorter name "WAVE VASELINA" (without the article "The"), but we had the success we expected in Mexico despite having three good singles on the radio, "Sorry", "Seesaw" and "Today." In Spain it was the opposite, we received Gold in record time.Because of the limited success of this album in our country, we were about to disintegrate, until April 1996, Alfonso Larriva, Director of Sony Music, reveals during a function in the Insurgentes Theater and signed us.In 1997 we launched as Vaselines "Total Delivery". Our first show was at the Palacio de los Deportes in a concert of Stereo 97.7 which has begotten us again, putting the best youth group with hits like "Look at me", "One foot after the other foot," "I love you so both "(theme of the telenovela 'My Naughty Little') and" Your kisses "among others, managed to sell over 800,000 copies and cause rage in wherever we appeared seven times ... We filled the Auditorio Nacional.One of the stories we remember most about that time is that in the last scene of a video where we jumped and played in a fountain, just minutes before had to remove frost as it was too cold; Lidia finishing that scene and Ari had to be assisted by an ambulance, they were about to hypothermia.In 1998 we did three concerts at the National Auditorium ticketing all sold. Later that year we launched the album "Fly high", with which we celebrated 10 years of career and perform four concerts in the same auditorium; highlights of this album songs like "Fly high", "Unable obsession", "Kaleidoscopic" and "Log off".We began an extensive tour of the year and a half for Mexico, Latin America and Spain with over 100 presentations at the International Tour "Total Delivery"; sold over 700,000 copies in Mexico alone for weeks and occupy the first place on the Billboard with the theme of "Look at me."It's the end of that year, in New York, for the choice of topics for the upcoming album, decided Julissa disintegrate when the group over creative differences. We prefer to continue with the group changing us the name "Vaselines" in March 2000 and returned with a new image and "OV7".Daniel decides not to continue without Julissa and enters instead Kalimba who, believe it or not, made casting between various talents and after many trials is welcomed as the newest member. We traveled to Italy and by Loris Ceroni (music producer) recorded the album would be the most important in our history; It was a fun process for everyone, as we participate in the choice of subjects and take the reins of the album, we risk burn more daring fusions, first we wrote most of the lyrics, recorded various genres in Spanish as hip hop and reggae.So we released "CD00" on "Otro Rollo" record breaking audience and being the first group to introduce our own production in vivo. The support of Paul Forat in this new phase was fundamental. We launched the first single "Enloquéceme" (theme of the telenovela "Madness of Love") on the same day, at the same time, all radio stations in the country; reached gold record in just three days in Mexico and eventually sold over 1,500,000 copies in the country, plus get popularity in the United States, Central and South America with hits like "Shabadabada", "How are you", "More than love" among others.We became the best Spanish pop group choreography that moment; we were nominated for the awards Billboard Latino and Latin Grammy. In Mexico, in 2000, our album was the best selling, recognized, honored and remembered in our careers. We offered 11 concerts at the National Auditorium and hundreds throughout the Republic; obtained important awards such as the magazine "Eres", the largest youth recognition of the time, taking four statuettes and sales award "Mix Up" and "Youth Award"; also were the first Latin artists to represent the brand Tommy Hilfiger.In 2001 we released the live album "Live: Rush," from a concert recorded in Merida attended by 135,000 people; The album included an unreleased track and a bonus track, reaching gold record.In September of the same year we launched "Seven Beats" with producer Carlos Lara, Ceroni Loris and Chris Rodriguez (producer of Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez). It included hits such as "Love casting", "Aum Aum", "I need you" and "I have control". With the first two issues, we entered the Top 20 MTV Latin America.In 2002 we recorded the theme song for the soap opera "Vivan los Niños" (Carousel Version). In the summer of that year recorded "Bringing The World Back Home," a song in English for the Official Album of World Cup Korea-Japan 2002.The "Goodbye Tour" began on February 14, 2003 and ended with a grand concert on June 14 in the Zocalo of Mexico City, making together more than 150 thousand people. The reason for our separation was simply the personal plans of each, we knew it was the best time to do so. For this tour we present the album "Point" from which the songs "I'm not going" and "return" fell off.In 2006 filmmaker Carlos Marcovich premiered the documentary "Four lips" on the impact that caused the separation of the group.In late 2010 we decided to rejoin the music scene as a group and present "OV7 Front Row," a CD + DVD recorded live in high definition. All the singles from this production as "spaces loving", "Somewhere", "confess" and "higher Fly" remained for several months in the top of the charts on the radio and on the charts, making creditors Platinum + Gold for over 100,000 copies sold.During 2010 and throughout 2011, we do not stop to give concerts all over Mexico, hot on the most important stages of the Republic as the Auditorio Nacional, Palacio de los Deportes Arena Monterrey and Guadalajara Auditorio Telmex, achieving all sold out and repeating performance in several of them. In fact, one of these huge concerts and which celebrated 22-year career, was recorded and later go on sale under the name of "OV7 from the Palacio de los Deportes" (Double CD + DVD); This production reached the rank of Gold Record for exceeding 40,000 copies sold.In early 2012 the ábum "Forever 7" was released, in which we interpret major themes of contemporary cinema in Spanish localized versions; with this production reached Gold Record for high sales and toured throughout Mexico offering over 100 shows with a modern show, spectacular choreography and first-rate production.After a successful career in music, drama and acting, in August this year we decided to try his luck as drivers of our own program, "Plan B", which has one of the highest levels of rating television cable; This issue has three repetitions per week and have had important guests like Cristian Castro, Yuri, Samo, Leonel García, among others.Finally, in November we launched our new album celebrating 25 years of career, "BY YOUR SIDE" with the first single "We Have A Secret" composed by Jose Luis and Raul Rio Roma with whom we got to the top of popularity nationally.2014 started presenting our second single "detoxified" and 6 April we started the tour of "25 Years By Your Side" at the National Auditorium.


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