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Pale are an alternative rock band from Stafford. They bring elements of hard rock, post rock, heavy metal and grunge and bind them into a set of powerful and punctuated songs; a melting pot of tribalistic fury, brooding presence and vitriolic angst. With a no-nonsense attitude to writing and playing coupled with a healthy sarcastic mentality, they write songs drawing from a large and vivid range of influences. They are a collaboration of alternative tastes, each member adding something different to the equation. The result is a sound that suffers no pigeonholing, won't stay put in one genre or style, and refuses to be another familiar and predictable sound.The current lineup was formed in January 2013 and has Mikey on vocals, Wookie on guitars, Gep on bass and Dean on the drums. They have had previous members since their first inception but those fine people are the history, and Pale prefer the future.Pale want to make it all better. They play their songs of pounding and passionate, soaring and grinding rock and metal; lyrically flavored with visceral and impending messages of despair, faithlessness and rebellion. They think it's all broken. They think pointing this out might help. They would swap Politics for Philosophy, Guns for Food, War for Understanding and Hate for Acceptance.


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