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Robert Miles


Robert Miles was born to Italian immigrants Antonietta and Albino Concina in Fleurier, Switzerland. Miles became proficient at playing the piano during his youth in Friuli (Italy), in the small town of Fagagna, where his family moved when he was still a young boy, and has been in the music scene since 1988. He worked as DJ in some underground Italian clubs and private radio networks and in 1990, he used his savings to establish his own studio and bought some second-hand equipment. Read more about Robert Miles on

Albums Robert Miles

14 played on Radionomy

  • Fable

  • Children

  • 23 AM

  • Dreamland

  • One & One

  • Freedom

  • Organik

  • 23am

  • Dreamland 2

  • Dreamland (The Winter Edition)

  • Miles_Gurtu

  • Organik Remixes (disc 1)

  • DeLuxe Collection Limited Edition

  • Organik Remixes