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Tennis is an indie pop band that was formed in 2010 in Denver, Colorado. The band currently consists of lead singer and keyboardist Alaina Moore, guitarist Patrick Riley and drummer James Barone. Moore and Riley first met while attending college. They would go on a sailing expedition together for seven months and would form the band once they returned. Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley are now married. Tennis would release their debut album, "Cape Dory", to widespread critical acclaim in January 2011. Despite the great reviews, "Cape Dory" would only peak at number 135 on the US music charts. The album would also become the 20th best selling independent album during its peak. Every song featured on the album is based on the experience of sailing together for seven months. The group would release their second album, "Young & Old", in February of 2012 on Fat Possum Records. The album would once again receive positive reviews from the music critics, but it would still fail to hit the music charts in any country. While it would fail to chart, "Young & Old" would still become the 18th best selling independent album in its first week of release. The band continued their streak of critically acclaimed albums when they released "Rituals in Repeat" in September of 2014. After failing to chart with their second album, Tennis would return back to the US music charts when "Rituals in Repeat" hit number 189. "Rituals and Repeat" would also become the 30th best selling independent album shortly after its release. Despite releasing three critically acclaimed albums, Tennis has not been nominated for any major music awards during their career.


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