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HistoryFounding members in 1994 were Aria Baron, Thomas Ramadan, Ronald Sristisnto, Dewa Budjana ,Armand Maulana.The debut album, Angan sold over 150,000 copies.The second album, Dunia, released in 1995, sold 450,000 copies. At the time Gigi was named best band.Aria Baron left Gigi in September 1995, followed by Thomas and Ronald who left in November 1996. As a result, there were only two members left; they persisted and recruited Opet Alatas (bass) and Budhy Hartono (drums).3/4 is the third album from Gigi; it sold 550,000 copies. At the time Gigi was named the most shining band in 1996.For the 1997 album 2 X 2, the band traveled to California and worked with American musicians such as Billy Sheehan from the band Mr. Big, but the album sold only 150,000 units. There were similar sales for the 1998 album Kilas Balik.


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