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Kassav' (Haitian and Antillean Creole for a local dish made from cassava) is a Francophone zouk band which was formed in 1979. The core members of the band are Jocelyne Beroard, Jacob Desvarieux, Jean-Philippe Marthely, Patrick St. Eloi, Jean-Claude Naimro, Claude Vamur and Georges Decimus (who left the band to create another band, Volte Face, before returning to Kassav' later) along with several other, more minor members. The total number of albums by the band and its members is approximately 30.

Albums Kassav'

9 played on Radionomy

  • Ktoz

  • An-ba-chen'n La

  • Aye

  • K Toz

  • Nou La

  • Difé

  • T kit Izi

  • Majestik Zouk

  • Zouk Is the Only Medicine We Have