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At the very tender age of five, before she even started to learn english, Zeebee trilled out Suzi Quattro songs at the bus stop. at the same time, all the FM and AM classic and jazz radio stations also suffered Zeebee's vocal experiments (mum's tape recorder too). the most famous composers were being given the Zeebee treatment... At 17 the story moved to england/birmingham. there, practically overnight Zeebee became involved in the spectacular pig bag tour. chris lee & roger freeman from pig bag planned a tour of north america's clubs, staying in one hotel room together with Zeebee.

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Rasmir Sounds of East is a modern intrepretation of various Eastern musical cultures, from Arabic to Jewish to Buryat to Indian and beyond. Being associated with the web site, it helps listeners to appreciate the rich culture of the world Dawn in the easy listening format

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