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The Spanish rock/rumba duo Estopa considers Cornellà, Barcelona, Spain as their point of origination. The pair of brothers, José Muñoz and David Muñoz have been performing together since 1998. The duo's name comes from an expression used by one of their supervisors in the manufacturing plant where they worked as young men. They were discovered playing gigs in local bars in their hometown area. Sony Music's A&R rep came to have a look and immediately signed the duo to record deal. Estopa wasted no time making their mark in Spain. Their self-titled first album sold over a million records in Spain, landing them in the No. 1 spot on the Spanish Albums Chart. This album has been the duo's best-selling record to date. That said, Estopa's success has continued to grow throughout the years. Their second album was entitled Destrangis. The new album was release in 2001 and reached the No. 1 spot with just over 800,000 units sold worldwide. The same album was later re-released the following year with a new title Mas Destrangis. The brothers had in fact added three more songs to the new version. In 2004, they released their third consecutive No. 1 album with the release of ¿La Calle Es Tuya?. While the album reflected slightly diminishing unit sales album to album, two of the duo's most popular singles "La Raja de Tu Falda" and "El Del Medio De Los Chichos" came from this offering. Over the next seven years, Estopa released four more albums, Voces de Ultrarumba (2005), Allenrok (2008), X-Anniversarium (2009) and Estopa 2.0 (2011), which would all hit the number one spot on the Spanish Music Chart, further demonstrating their long-lived success in their native country.


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