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Cheo Feliciano

Cheo Feliciano

José Feliciano, better known as Cheo Feliciano (born July 3, 1935), is a Puerto Rican composer and singer of salsa and bolero music.Awards and recognitionsOver the years, Cheo Feliciano has received the following recognitions:1975-The Golden Cup-Venezuela,1976-"Most Popular Artist" by Latin New York magazine,1977-Daily News Front Page Award "Best Latin Vocalist",1985-Owl of Gols-Panama, The Silver Chin Award-Miami, A Golden Agueybana Award-Puerto Rico,1983 & 1984-Honorable Son of Ponce,1999-A tribute in his honor from the Puerto Rican Senate.2008- In honor of 50 years in the music industry, Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York at the time) declared June 20 Cheo Feliciano Day in New York City.2008-Grammy for Excellence in Music at the Latin Grammy Awards.In Ponce, he is recognized at the Park for the Illustrious Ponce Citizens.Recent yearsCheo Feliciano currently resides in Puerto Rico and continues to record boleros. He is also the anti-drugs spokesperson for the Government of Puerto Rico.Further reading"Salsa Talks: A Musical Heritage Uncovered"; by: Mary Kent; Chapter 9, pp. 92–103 Cheo Feliciano; Publisher: Digital Domain; ISBN 0976499002; ISBN 978-0976499008


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